Author: Core Success for Women

Women’s Leadership: Connecting With Yourself

Leezà Carlone Steindorf Offers Leadership Coaching For Women  Sometimes, when you put your everything into achieving a goal, into reaching for a particular position, you can feel lost when you achieve that goal. For example, think of leadership. You may have worked hard to become a leader, but what do you do now that you have become a […]

Leadership Coaching for Women: Receiving Feedback

I’d like to frame taking care of ourselves. We have learned that self-focus is something negative, something selfish in the manner of, to the exclusion of others and not contributing to our world, if we are quote unquote “focused on ourselves”. The problem that happens with that is when we are purely externally focused and […]

Leadership Coaching for Women: Clarifying an Issue

When you go into a situation that has been challenging, for whatever reason, there’s been lack of clarity or lack of communication or lack of performance, you have two intentions in a conversation like that. The first one is to establish and then to gain understanding. So you’re going to go in and say, “help […]

Wielding Power as a Woman in a Man’s World

Will someone please answer the question: what is a woman? I am certainly not the only person posing it. Maybe a clear, concise, distinguished definition for those of us who identify as women simply does not exist. Are we to show up as professionals, mothers, politicians, social advocates, lovers, friends? All the rules have drastically […]

Get the Success You Deserve–How to Match a High Income with Your High Value

Would it not be great to feel easily your power in sales and negotiations? Imagine asking confidently, without hesitation, for pay that reflects what you are worth? How about taking action that leads to results you want and will thrive on? If you are a woman, chances are high that you embody a well-established premise […]

Being a Woman Undaunted in a Man’s World–Being a Woman Undaunted in a Man’s World

After dinner last night, as they were cleaning the dishes, Ashley surprised her family by proclaiming her plans to become president of the United States. A bold statement for a seven-year old.  When asked why she wants one of the hardest jobs with so much responsibility, she said, “because when I go to dance lessons […]