Hi, I’m Leezá.
The leadership coach
for women.

A System That Works

In studying real-life Best Practices of individuals, organizations, and relationships that define radical and sustainable personal and professional mastery, I identified the key markers of well-being and success, designed rubber to the road tools and practiced those markers myself. Soon I experienced pervasive well-being, a sense of success, and genuine happiness – in my profession, my relationships, my health, and my life. This system I found works, and I want to share it with you…

“If you need conflict resolution, better communication skills, to be more open, congruent, find your purpose and be aligned, whether it’s in your corporation, in your school or in your personal life, I would encourage you to talk to Leezá.”

Jack Canfield
America’s #1 Success Coach, The Canfield Training Group


Leezá is an international transformation specialist with an extensive list of clients of over 50 nationalities and nearly 40 countries across the globe. 


An expert business trainer and consultant, Forbes Coaches  Council member, seasoned mediator, and former Tony Robbins performance coach.

Leadership Coaching

Using her time-tested, successful C.O.R.E Success™ System and her multi-industry expertise, she guides leaders, teams, and individuals through a positive transformation with laser-like clarity. Leezá combines an insightful “no-nonsense” approach with exceptional acuity which builds on the innate value of every individual’s contribution.

C.O.R.E Success™

Leezá Steindorf’s approach is centered around the principles of C.O.R.E Success™, Clarity – Ownership – Resolution – Excellence. By guiding clients to address and analyze their own actions, needs, and goals, Leezá provides a transformative process that allows individuals and organizations to optimize personal growth and accelerate professional success.

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